Commercial Property Development

Ridgewood Acres

Location: Ridgewood Acres, May Township Size: 18 Finished acreage lots on 62 Acres Year Purchased: 1990 From Dr. Gaffney which was the site of his former apple orchard Year Developed: 1991 Lot Sales: From 1992-1995 Ridgewood Acres is a special development for several reasons. First off, the previous owner Dr. Gaffney was a very good friend and a golf companion during his last years....

Wild Apple Ridge

Location: Wild Apple Ridge, Stillwater, MN Size: 80 total acres developed into 35 lots Lot Size: Range from 2.5 to 5.0 Acres Year Completed: 1990 Jon's involvement included the initial sale of the land and the reselling of the 35 finished...

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