Ridgewood Acres

Location: Ridgewood Acres, May Township

Size: 18 Finished acreage lots on 62 Acres

Year Purchased: 1990 From Dr. Gaffney which was the site of his former apple orchard

Year Developed: 1991

Lot Sales: From 1992-1995

Ridgewood Acres is a special development for several reasons. First off, the previous owner Dr. Gaffney was a very good friend and a golf companion during his last years. Jon worked for Dr. Gaffney during the fall for his junior and senior year in high school. Jon worked the land when it was an apple orchard picking apples, selling them across the street in the large barn that was used as a sales center.

Second, because it was the first development that Jon attempted. The site was already preliminary platted and basic subdivision was laid out. So Jon took the leap in purchasing the land from his friend and found a couple of financial partners to help fund the road work. Larry Kavanagh and Steve Cronberg, both part time real estate agents in Jon’s office, partnered with him in the project. While not a raging financial success, it was the sense of accomplishment and taking the plunge into development that was the big win at Ridgewood Acres.

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