Jon Whitcomb

Jon Whitcomb

President / Broker at Metro East Commercial Real Estate

  • Service Areas: Minnesota, Wisconsin

About Jon Whitcomb

Jon Whitcomb began his career in real estate in 1985 and brings decades of unique firsthand experience that sets him apart from most real estate professionals.

After completing high school, he entered the Marine Corp looking for a challenge that he considered “the hardest physical and mental challenge he could think of,” and he was right. Jon completed his four years of reserve duty in 1988 and left with the rank of Corporal in the USMC.

Growing up in the St. Croix Valley, Jon developed a keen interest in real estate investment. In 1983, as a teenager, he attended a “Nothing Down” seminar by Robert Allen at the old Met Stadium. From a young age, he foresaw a future in real estate and investing. His initial focus in the early 1980s was on acquiring rental properties and land in Stillwater and the Twin Cities east metro area. Starting with the rehabilitation of older properties and small lot splits, Jon’s business evolved into developing small subdivisions and multi-unit commercial properties, becoming his primary focus. As he gained a reputation for meeting deadlines and delivering on a promise, his opportunities grew along with the size of the projects.

At the heart of Jon’s operation is Metro East Commercial, founded in 2013. Metro East is a commercial brokerage firm that sells, leases, and manages commercial property for Jon, his partners, and customers.

Over nearly 40 years in real estate, Jon has cultivated an extensive network of contacts throughout the Twin Cities and the Midwest, Having constructed and negotiated many complex multi-year contracts with highly trained experts on the other side of the table.  His extensive real estate knowledge and professional relationships repeatedly aid in expediting project financing, navigating real estate law, and overcoming development and construction challenges.  This knowledge combined with his commitment to efficiency and detail have helped him develop processes that ensure deals stay on track to close quickly and profitably. His relentless commitment to exceeding his client’s expectations has established him as a trusted advisor to his hundreds of clients and colleagues.

Jon, along with his wife Ann, owns and operates Metro East Commercial Real Estate alongside a dedicated team of professionals. They reside in Stillwater, MN, where they raised their three adult children. Outside of work, they find joy in traveling and hiking whenever possible.

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