Help With Real Estate Investments

July / August 2019

If you have searched for real estate investment opportunities you know that finding and evaluating them has become more sophisticated and complex due to changing markets, values and tax laws. More investors are turning to real estate consultants as a means of providing a sounding board for their ideas as well as expertise in the planning and construction stages for their projects. Today’s investor in real estate must have a grasp of market conditions and potential that is usually beyond their own available time and resources to attain. With increasing competition, the marketplace is becoming more complicated. Feasibility studies are essential for commercial office, industrial, resort and hotel investors. With this kind of information, planning is better and there is less chance for error.

Real estate investing is not just looking for the structure and the land, it is investing in the type of property that you want at the price and terms that suit you at the time you are ready to purchase. Having been property value experts in the east metro area for over 30 years, Metro East is ready to assist you. We provide the information you need so that you can make your own decisions on the value of property either in listing your present property for sale or in the purchase of another. If you wish to consider structuring a tax deferred exchange into that next property, we can guide you through that transaction. Let us help you with your real estate investments.